Trembling Essence demo has been updated! 

I’ve recently updated my demo for anyone that may have been interested in playing but couldn’t download it during the time it was updating!

Trembling Essence is a horror game/dating sim visual novel which focuses on survival. You’re choices will lead to multiple different endings while learning more about not only Noah and the swamp, but everything else surrounding it.

The update includes the following:


  • -New and previous dialog has been added and adjusted slightly in certain routes/areas to flesh out certain situations more
  • -Added Q.Save / Q.Load for those having issues with saving during gameplay
  • -Grammar mistakes
  • -Ice water cup sprite added for a certain route you can get with Noah
  • -SFX/Music theme’s in certain routes have been changed slightly
  • -The heartbeat SFX towards the end in a certain route has been adjusted to happen slightly later in the dialog

If you run into any glitches, bugs, etc with the updated demo please let me know!

Thank you for your support! :]


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