A demo for the dieselpunk vn drama ‘The Noblest Of Creatures’ is out!

Features: a dramatic dieselpunk visual novel that revolves around an artist being dragged into historical events against his will. The character design was inspired by vintage (the 1910s-1920s) book illustrations/comics and is more darkly humorous than pretty. It’s an intensely animated game that experiments with its sprites and goes beyond what visual novels usually do in an attempt to look like a vintage movie.

Amount of routes: 4 routes, each of which gives a different ending to the main premise and fates of the main cast. +Optional romantic element, which serves mostly to get to know characters more intimately and that sometimes can add another layer of drama. Keep in mind that the tone of the game can sometimes get pretty serious, it’s not a dating sim!

Attention! Because of the demo’s early state, I am currently seeking reviewers or commenters. While the finished game won’t change too much compared to this demo (and it’s important to keep in mind), I am looking for people who will tell me their initial impressions and whether they have questions about the plot.


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