Big Two Major Update 1.3.8

Version 1.3.8 update.

  • Achievements added (win extra stars).
  • Vibrate phone when timer is 10 second + setting to turn this on/off
  • Chat bubbles for counter clockwise play showing on the wrong side. Patched.
  • Using Icons for credit and XP. Xp will be a star from now on. Credit will be a poker chip.
  • DayDash implemented (earn extra stars every week).
  • DayDashDoubloons added (buy doubloons to secure your day dash).
  • Delete account function added.
  • Friendcode added (invite a friend to get extra stars)
  • New login and settings menu.
  • Cards of players showing the wrong amount when rejoining the table. Patched
  • Google sign in for web browsers added. Firebase functionality
  • Buy extra stars in the Google play store possibility (only when having less than 200 stars. No pay to win!).
  • New music by

Have fun playing Big Two. Please report bugs and ideas.



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