The wait is finally over. The game you’ve all been waiting for, Multiverse Rumble 4 is a platform fighter similar to Smash Bros. The only difference being it’s got familar Jacktoons, new and old! Here’s a list of the returning series and the  new series.

Returning Cast

  1. The Bob Series (Bob to Donald Duck)
  2. The Tails Show (Tails to SBA)
  3. The Mario Show (Mario to Funni Doggo)
  4. Jackimaniacs (Jack to Mario)

New Cast

  1. The Yoshi Show (Yoshi & Kirby)
  2. The Thomas Show (Thomas, Percy, James & Toby)

So that’s it, that’s all you need to know! Go download the game NOW: Multiverse Rumble 4 by MultiverseRumble (


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