Stuck in Sutton is an NSFW erotic text sandbox where you play as a young woman stuck in a small country town called Sutton. You must find a way to make it to your sister’s wedding in a week, whether that’s by working, stealing, drug dealing, stripping, prostitution, or romance.

During your stay in Sutton, you can:

  • Interact with a rich cast of NPCs with whom you can interact with in a variety of ways. From money-making opportunities to one-night stands or maybe even true romance.
  • Work a variety of jobs, from tending bars to stripping in front of strangers.
  • Manage your reputation and stress with a variety of activities and items. Just remember that word travels fast in small towns.
  • Commit a variety of crimes such as drug dealing and prostitution.
  • Engage in multiple activities such as playing pool, begging for money, gambling away your savings on the lottery, and giving blowjobs at a glory hole.
  • Multiple endings to discover.