Alongside the interactive elements, there was also a wide variety of 3D content and assets, including the virtual NYSE trading floor, camera fly-throughs, a LiveWire banner unfurl, branded media assets, and interactive celebration moments. Unity was used to highlight digital renders of real-world moments, including the raising of the LiveWire banner and the transition to the virtual bell-ringing on the balcony. For LiveWire, it was imperative to highlight its incredible motorcycles during the real-world Wall Street event, as well as during the digital experience on Unity.

All of the assets were produced, combined, and rendered into one seamless user experience for the web using the Unity Engine. To ensure the motorcycles were shown in true form, the Unity team was able to texture, light, and render the LiveWire Motorcycles in real-time 3D and integrate them into the virtual NYSE environment.

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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