Terminal Assassin is a stealth & assassination sandbox game that comes with a built-in level editor.

The gameplay is in real-time and both a w/a/s/d + mouse control scheme as well as one using the gamepad are available.

It is inspired by the great serial killer roguelike hoax and the Hitman series.

While the game is “work in progress” and only an early beta release is currently available, the development goes along nicely.

I am hoping to build an interesting immersive sim style game with many systemic elements like fire, water, burnable liquids, poisonous gasses and electricity.

The most up to date information is usually both posted to the itch.io page and the roguebasin page of the game.

Stuff you can do in the game:

  • Throw most sharp and blunt objects at people
  • Use pistols, SMGs, Sniper Rifles, etc.
  • Drag sleeping and dead bodies around and put them into closets
  • Dead people might leave blood splatters on the floor, better clean them with your trusty cleaning rag!
  • Aim for any body part while attacking
  • Break into windows and doors using crowbars and mechanical and electronic lockpicks
  •  Shoot barrels to have them expose their inner self, like burnable liquids
  • Throw cigarettes into pools of burnable liquid to set the whole map on fire
  • Overflow sinks to cause a distraction
  • Zap people with tasers when they stand in the puddle of water
  • And much more..

NOTE: All of the above has been prototyped in the latest development builds but might not yet be in the published version as the feature might still susceptible to bugs.

Feedback is very welcome 🙂

Source: itch.io

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