Hi all! I am so ecstatic to announce that Groven, a blacksmith platformer hybrid, is released on Itch.io! The free demo is ready to be played and I await any feedback eagerly. Try out the demo on the Itch.io page below:

The main inspirations for this game are Spelunky, Enter the Gungeon and Shovelknight. I loved the unique mechanics in these games and though of a way to merge them into one whilst adding a spin on them, such as the Spelunky level generation but on a sub-level system, like in a metroidvania, or the dodge roll in Gungeon but now in a 2D real time combat setting. The result of this concoction is a blacksmith simulator where you are in charge of acquiring resources to complete jobs posted on the bulletin board in the village. While you gather resources you may end up uncovering secrets of the ancients, and as you gain more money and fame new things unlock. The project still has a way to go to, but I hope the demo can capture your interest as this has been a passion project of mine for 5 years.

Thank you and wishing you a great 2023 šŸ™‚

Source: itch.io

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