Hey folks, let me present you our online co-op game: Push Them Out!


You and your friends (or AI) are in generated space. Almost everything wants to kill you so be careful. The way you protect yourself from enemies is either to run from them or to push them out.  

Google Play + Microsoft Store release

 Since my last release announcement and its promotion here, on Twitter, Reddit, among my friends I got the following feedback:

  1. the game would be perfect for phones rather than for PC
  2. it’s quite difficult to understand what’s going on without any hints or background history
  3. if you download the .exe file then SmartScreen will warn you that “Windows protected your PC” which could scare some players

So, what have we done to fix this? 

  • re 1: We introduced virtual joysticks so people can play this game with the touchscreen and successfully published it on Google Play 🥳
  • re 2: Some tutorials hints have been added for both Windows and Android when the game session starts (they gradually disappear after some seconds)
  • re 3: The PC version has also been published to Microsoft Store (it has certified the game and it’s much easier to publish it there rather than on Steam)

Now you have 3 options to play the game and it doesn’t really matter what option you or your friends choose because you will anyway play on the same servers 😉

Looking forward to your feedback!

Source: itch.io

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