Welcome to the world of Eri – Gor RPG: War of the Elements, a fantastic world where elemental gods attempt to control and maintain order within society while it is embroiled in a war that will change the future. In Eri, the Generals, now in charge after the corruption of King Dagomor, try by all means to find peace. In Gor, the armies of Orcs and the Berserkers march toward their enemies. You will be one of the Heroes responsible for helping the population and protecting the capital Ganevale. To help you in your task, 10 Races and 26 Classes will be available to you. Numerous items and abilities can be added to your war arsenal. Join Eri’s army against Gor. Pick up your sword and shield, staff or bow, and let Karma continue to rule through your actions!

On the PDF you will find all the information you need to play, including a full bestiary, tons of items, more than 30 pages of the history of the world, one more special chapter with more than 50 npcs with their stories, and more than 50 illustrations!!! You can navigate through the PDF via the Summary (it is clickable) or bookmarks to the chapters, all races, classes, gods and monster classes.


The system (named Union) has 10 races and 26 Classes with their respective functions within the world and abilities (in total there are more than 500 abilities). For example, Shadow Warriors have the ability to deal with shadows and use them to blend in, hide people, perform deadly attacks; Nature Warriors can control plants/animals, blend in trees; Time Warriors use teleportation and unique abilities to create impressive (and often irreversible) effects; Mages can use the Manuscripts left by the ancient gods and manipulate the Words of Power, creating powerful and unique effects through the technique called Magic (for example, adding the word “Meteorum” to a Book of Fire attack, generating the power “Impetum Elementum Meteorum”, the attack will fall from the sky, hitting targets in a much larger area and causing twice the damage of the ability). Archetypes will bring a tactical and strategic level in a high form. Countless items will be able to enter your war arsenal. Terrible monsters will try to stop you (there is a complete bestiary). The battlefields are already prepared (full scenario description).

In Eri – Gor RPG, each player can choose to follow one of the seven elemental gods of Eri. The gods will help their followers with Karma, a very powerful force capable of great deeds: the main ones are elemental powers. For example, by choosing Kodos, the god of Fire, the character will be able to create rain of fire, wrap weapons with fire, among others.

It is based only on the use of d10 (maximum 3), both for test rolls (2d10 + Attribute Mod, for tests involving one of the 4 Attributes; 2d10 + attack total, for tests involving combat) and for damage rolls. In combat, Heroic Action will be a major differentiator, giving characters an enormous amount of options for altering a scene, thanks to the possibility of breaking the order of Initiative and acting when they want to. The war system (combat between troops) will enhance the combat system.

The idea for the RPG came about around 2009, but everything was still very basic. As time went by, the processes grew. In 2017, with the texts all finalized, the UNION SYSTEM was created. Starting in 2019, it was time to put professionalism in the book: the texts were revised, rules were balanced and evolved, excesses were removed. As of 2020, all processes were finalized, many interesting features came to stay, and the system was considered closed, having more than 5 YEARS of testing! Join Eri’s army against Gor. Grab your sword and shield, staff or bow, and let Karma continue to rule through your actions!

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