Abacus AI” is a new FPS puzzler that puts players in the role of a manufacturing error turned sentient robot. Trapped in a factory controlled by a malicious server, players must guide Abacus on a journey to escape and find a way to communicate with the outside world.

Power Core & Enemy Robot AI

As they navigate immersive environments, players will rely on the help of their onboard CPU, who serves as a voice of reason and moral guidance. The CPU is also a valuable asset in solving puzzles and fighting off security drones.

Hallway 2

But the relationship between the robot and its CPU isn’t always smooth sailing. As they make their way through the factory, players will experience a unique dynamic between the two characters as they confront their own mortality and the weight of their decisions.

Button 1

The world of “Abacus AI” comes to life with the help of UE5’s Lumen and Nanite technology, creating stunning graphics and immersive gameplay. Players will feel fully immersed in a world of danger and mystery as they guide Abacus to freedom.

Turret 1

Don’t miss your chance to try out the demo and see the dynamic between Abacus and its CPU unfold. Download it now and experience the world of “Abacus AI” for yourself.

Source: Indie DB

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