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So I have been working on a project on Godot since December 22 on a Metroidvania game inspired by 90s anime like Doomed Megalopolis and Vampire Hunter D. It was planned to be a 2.5D action side-scrolling game and it features the aesthetic beauty and shock value of 80s horror anime as well some Inspiration to some classic retro titles like Castlevania and Strider. It wasn’t planned to be on pixel art it’s because of the limited resources I have like a laptop with a higher spec for rendering 3D models, proper gadgets like a drawing tablet, and some software I needed for the graphic design.

The game itself has some RPG and visual novel mechanics that will affect the game’s story, like multiple allies and endings. As of now, there’s at least 5% progress I am currently done with implementing some of the player’s movements, the camera, the double tap dash, some parallax, and the scrolling background. Since I don’t have my own assets I borrow some resources for various games and disguise them as a fan-made game of Valis. It’s not an official release, just to help me visualize the workflow of the game.  The unofficial test level will serve as a prototype for the game and will be modified for future changes such as an original sprite sheet and tilesets. As for the graphic design, there’s no official style for the artwork, as seen in the screenshot below.

Unofficial Character Artwork 

Animated Cutscene Made on Piskel

Check the game if you want to: https://retrovisionph.itch.io/darkamor

Source: itch.io

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