After years of playtesting, three years of product development, and a successful Kickstarter, the full rules for the indie sci-fi TTRPG Stillfleet are now available as a 352-page, full-color, professionally designed PDF on Itch.

Stillfleet combines a totally new, easy-to-learn, endlessly flexible rules system with a dark, zany, and politically rich game world. This combination delivers a unique gaming experience as heard on the popular real-play podcast Fun City.

At a glance:

  • Characters’ scores are dice
  • There are only 5 base scores plus health and a flexible pool of points called grit
  • Player characters are “voidminers” who work for the venal Worshipful Company (the Co.) retrieving advanced “archaetech” from ruined hulks across the void
  • There are many playable classes and many species from across many worlds, with guidelines for designing your own
  • There are hundreds of powers—many of which just work, without rolls—including memorable nanotech “blooder” powers and the six paths of the psychic, spell-like “hell science”
  • The game’s vibe is equal parts espionage/cyberpunk/space-politics and OSR/exploration/alien encounter
  • If you dig the core rules, there are already several other Stillfleet books out, with more currently in the works
  • Digital tools for the game are available here, with updates coming frequently
  • The game design team is active on Discord, Patreon, and elsewhere
  • The Co. is the ultimate villain!

Here are just a few pages from the book, which features literally hundreds of illustrations by lead artist Ethan Gould as well as an amazing team of freelancers (not to mention the gorgeous graphic design by Erich Lazar and Sunaree Paiwong):


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