Island of Mogambo – Game Released

Inspired by old retro games like Contra, Island of Mogambo is an exciting action adventure game set in an unknown land.  I am Abhishek Kulkarni solo game dev from India, developer of this game. I have hand drawn all the pixel art & written the code.  Music is from opengameart & Unity Asset store. 

Pls TRY one level demo in the browser. If you like the demo please consider buying the game to play all the levels.  

Controls – Arrow Keys + Z Shoot + X Jump . Down Arrow + Jump to move down platforms              

In the far north, in some uncharted waters, the great Mogambo has invaded a beautiful and serene island. He, along with his associates Daga, Teja, and Walcott, are conducting experiments to make agents for chemical warfare. The world risks ruin if these experiments are not stopped.

You are deputed as a “one-man army” to defeat Mogambo and rescue the island. The story flows through serene worlds like forests, waterfalls, and snow. It has five levels where you deal with each of Mogambo’s associates separately.

  1. Forest: enemy den

  2. Industrial: Daga

  3. Into the Boulders: Teja

  4. Walcott’s Land of the Fossilized Dead

  5. Mogambo


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