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Undead Quest is a fun single player VR arcade game built and optimized specifically for Oculus Quest 2 where with help of a bat, ball and a few spells, you’ll fight against hordes of funny undead creatures. Hit the ball, cast spells, and move from one beautiful location to another to learn the secret of the undead.

We’ve always been in love with VR technology and thought it would change the experience of gaming. In February of this year, we were once again looking for a game that we would like to play and realized that there are not many games with cool graphics which can be played autonomously on a headset. So we decided to make it ourselves, heh xD

In February 2022, we started development. Understanding the current inconveniences of virtual reality headsets (it is not comfortable to play in them for a long time, motion sickness, processor performance limitations), we decided to make a time-killer game in the arcade genre. We have studied mountains of literature and made a huge number of iterations on graphics optimization and now we are glad to present you the Demo version of our game – Undead Quest.

In the demo version, you will have access to the first 7 absolutely playable levels with finished graphics, bugs caught, and several cut-scenes to reveal the plot. Despite the quality of this version, the demo is absolutely free, as we want to get more feedback from the community in order to make the game as interesting as possible at the release stage with your help.

Play the demo, subscribe to our news and join our Discord server.  Let’s make a great new game together!

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