Empire 2027 Games
We are glad to announce that all Empire 2027 games are up in itch.io

Lead & build your empire in a turn based strategy war game…

World, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Middle East…Select your country and start to play. (26 worldwide scenarios)
Are you ready to lead, Supreme Commander?

The games support 35 languages

English, French, Italian, German, Spanish,
Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese – Brazil,
Portuguese – Portugal, Romanian, Russian,
Simplified Chinese, Thai, Traditional Chinese,
Turkish, Vietnamese, Albanian,
Azerbaijani, Bangla, Bosnian, Georgian,
Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Latvian,
Malay, Persian, Serbian, Slovak, Urdu, Uzbek

Local Multiplayer

The game support also hotseat multiplayer option up to 8 players from the same device.
Each player plays in his turn, manage his country and can send external messages to other players in the game.

Itch.io links
World Empire 2027: https://igindisgames.itch.io/world-empire-2027

Europe Empire 2027: https://igindisgames.itch.io/europe-empire-2027

Asia Empire 2027: https://igindisgames.itch.io/asia-empire-2027

Latin America Empire 2027: https://igindisgames.itch.io/latin-america-empire-2027

Middle East Empire 2027: https://igindisgames.itch.io/middle-east-empire-2027

Africa Empire 2027: https://igindisgames.itch.io/africa-empire-2027

Main: https://igindisgames.itch.io/

The system is designed to think of thousands of potential scenarios and to pick the best outcome in order to win.
At the end of every game, the system will show you your score and what the artificial intelligence thought of your leadership skills.
The game uses real data from the internet.

Good luck new born leader šŸ™‚

Source: itch.io