Trapers Platformer

The evil god of blood has been defeated! But his minions are eager to take his place! Tortuga, an amnesiac mutant turtle seems to be the only one able to do something about it. The enemies are numerous, powerful and quite motivated. But fear not! You’ll make all kind of allies along the way, and fetch lots of cool and useful items, and a bunch of weapons across your main quest as well as many hidden places!

Trapers Platformer is a metroidvania-ish platformer with a weird in a charming way style. It features
– cute hand drawn graphics
– a main story and a bunch of side quests
– many unique items and weapons to collect. Including an secret pizza!
– a huge cast of NPCs, including a friendly talking crocodile!
– lots of levels with different atmosphere and enemies to deal with

You can download Trapers Platformers for Windows and Linux! Go on a quest to save the Island of Montaña Clara and its inhabitants from the bad guys!


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