This game was released last halloween but i only just now actually started exploring the community tab and discovered this.

Exrain Prelude is a game about being a monster and killing other unholy creatures after being condemned to hell. It is short (at least currently) simple and arcade-y. With potential future updates which will include a full on story mode, more rooms and wicked creatures to tear through. This of course depends on how much attention the game actually gets.

You may also have wondered: “What is this a Prelude to?” Well you handsome fool, Exrain Prelude is a prelude to Exrain, a 3D version of this game i plan on eventually making when i have gained more experience. (and also will be better in every way)


– A sick soundtrack

– Sentient devout christian kettles

– Several bits of randomization, to (hopefully) make the game feel less repetitive.

I have always wanted to make my own games since i was very young and this is my first step to achieving my dream of being a game dev. Downloading the game and joining its Discord server would mean very, VERY much. (you have just been tricked into reading my sad life story and are now morally obligated to download the game and support me)



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