On another front, Control Rig continues to expand toward fully procedural rigging with many updates to the core framework, including a new Construction Event that enables you to generate rig hierarchies via a graph, and Custom User Events for creating and triggering rig events such as “Snap FK to IK.” With these updates, you can automate rig creation for characters that may have different skeletal proportions and properties.We’ve also extended Sequencer—Unreal Engine’s multi-track nonlinear animation editor—by adding support for constraints, and by exposing additional functionality through Blueprint and Python scripting. In addition, we’ve refactored the UI/UX for increased stability and extensibility, and to improve animation authoring and editing workflows.

Finally, enhancements to geometry tools include new functions for Geometry Scripting, UV Editor improvements to handle more complex assets, and additional mesh editing and creation tools

Audio system enhancements

Producing professional interactive sound is now faster and easier, so sound designers can focus more of their time on the key areas that matter the most in a project.

MetaSounds updates include additional node types, together with support for various multichannel output formats, and the new ability to show feedback on real-time node connections.

We’ve also introduced Soundscape, a plugin for procedural ambient sound generation.

AI toolset

In this release, a number of artificial intelligence (AI) tools introduced in UE 5.0 move out of Experimental status: Smart Objects and State Tree to Production-Ready, and MassEntity to Beta.  

MassEntity is a gameplay-focused framework for data-oriented calculations that enables you to efficiently populate large-scale worlds and create crowds with tens of thousands of believable AI agents. This release delivers UX improvements, CPU performance gains, and memory usage optimizations. In addition, the MassEntity processors are now automatically multithreaded. 

Source: Unreal Engine Blog

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