Hello! I’ve ported my old Android game to Windows and thought I’d share. This is my first Itch project, so feedback is more than welcome!

“Confuza Ball Re-Rolled” is a 3D puzzle game heavily inspired by a certain ball-rolling PS1 game some of you may remember. The Windows version is re-written from scratch, with improved levels, better lighting and some gameplay improvements. So it’s a port of a mobile game based on a PS1 game.

Use WASD to turn and move the ball, and Spacebar to jump. The idea is to reach the goal before time runs-out – hopefully with 3 gems collected. Rolling off an edge changes the direction of gravity (allowing you to stick to walls) but not while you’re bouncing!

Here’s the Itch page if you want to check it out: https://appijo.itch.io/confuza-ball-rr

Thanks! šŸ™‚

Source: itch.io

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