If you’ve ever taken the time to explore DevOps practices and solutions, it was probably with the hopes of automating annoying jobs, increasing release cadence, and delivering high-quality games. Here at Unity, we aim to do that not only by releasing new DevOps solutions, but by making our existing capabilities more intuitive so you can do more with less clicks.

Back in June, we put out a call for beta users to try the new Plastic SCM web experience, which embeds powerful version control system (VCS) functionality directly within the Unity Dashboard. Today, we’re happy to report that we are opening this functionality to all Plastic SCM Cloud Edition users in the form of an open beta.

This means that you can now quickly manage user access, review repo content, kick off and complete code reviews, and granularly monitor usage, all within the Unity Dashboard. Gone are the days of needing to install a separate software client for these routine tasks.

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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