Reflex is a new top-down shooter

to play with your most unloved dear friends.

One shot, three chances. Make your bullet reflex towards your opponents.

The game features: 

  • Local Multiplayer up to 4 players (always better to win from a living person)
  • Online Multiplayer (for battling distant friends)
  • AI enemies/teammates (for singleplayers)
  • Matches up to 4 vs 4
  • Total support for Gamepad

It’s in a very early development stage, but already has a defined roadmap for the next updates:

  • Sound effects (the game is so quiet right now)
  • New arenas (should have more  than one already)

Not convinced yet? Check some beautiful screenshots:

Reflex - Local Multiplayer
Reflex has splitscreen up to 4 players
Reflex - Online Multiplayer
Reflex has online multiplayer
Reflex - Screenshot
Would you resist his staredown?

I think you should be pretty convinced now, so click here and play it for free!