Hi folks,

I’m glad to announce that I released a free demo of my upcoming adventure game!

Download from itch.io

What to expect from this game, in short:

• 2.5D pixel art (Frame to frame animations, as if we are still in ’90s)

• A soundtrack that is original, suggestive, and exciting

• Simple controls (Supporting touch screen, mouse, keyboard and controllers)

• Unconventional puzzles (Don’t worry, there’s a free walkthrough, if you need help!)

• Stealth-action

• Choices that will change the bonds between the characters as well as the spirit of the experience (Just like in life, a choice can make the difference between friendship, love, hate, life or death)

• Thrills, suspense and horror (Not a survival game, but it can be creepy or scary at times)

• Bad humor and strong language (They are teenagers, don’t judge them)

• At some point, this experience might even move you to tear (I’m not crying, I just got a pixel in my eye)

• 6 different endings

Here’s a video of the gameplay:

…and if you want to know more, just ask me, or visit my website: https://www.suiarts.com/games_ml.html

Source: itch.io

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