Math Tower 2 is a game of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division for which you must run, jump and catch the correct answers in balls, bubbles, frogs and birds.

Mathematical operations appear on the top board of the game and change each time the answer is correct.

Download or play here the first 4 leves:

As you get it right, you will earn more points for each correct answer and the game will also become faster and more difficult.
Have fun while you progress through the 20 levels in 2D format. As a result, Math Tower 2 helps you improve your ability to memorize, add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Catch the 10 stars and have the highest number of hits, win medals and trophies to show your teacher, friends, and parents
The first 10 levels correspond to the table of multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division from 1 to 10.

After level 10, the questions are between 1 and 10 for you to practice the 10 tables.
If you don’t remember the correct answer after a few seconds, our characters will give you the answer.

Math Tower 2 allows you to play with 4 people, Zarita, Juan, Nicolas and Math.
If you fall from the tower the parachute  limit the fall and quickly climb to the top of the tower using the steam jet from the small volcano.

Download or play here the first 4 leves:

The game can be used with Touch controls from the screen or the keyboard.

Math Tower 2 is available for Android and Windows.

Download full version here:

Download or play here the first 4 leves:



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