Howdy space cowfolks! 

My name is Rob from Lookout Drive Games. Just wanted to let you know that the PC demo build of our new game, Bitter Silver, a choose your own adventure visual novel cross between Cowboy Bebop and Mass Effect, is now live.

Here’s the link to the page to check it out!

In terms of a quick plot synopsis:

You are Lucia Lopez – a charismatic, down on her luck, ex-solider-turned-bounty-hunter.

Traveling aboard your spaceship, the Athena, you track down bounties to find an answer to a shocking curse that’s been plaguing you your whole life. Alongside you is your fun-loving, brash, nonbinary half human, half alien, partner-in-crime (and love), Zap Matters.
 And your team’s resident tech expert, a robotic talking cat, Hobbes.

It’s up to you, Zap, and Hobbes to journey to a city at the fringes of the Milky Way and track down the last three bounties that stand in your way of finding the answers Lucia has been seeking all her life.

And, uh, make some money along the way to pay for, well, everything else.

Kinda important too.

And with that, hope you enjoy the demo!

See you space cowfolks…