You can play almost any role – but can you separate reality from fiction?

Be a gig worker in late stages of capitalism, and navigate love, life and work in a city where people are doing everything to keep up appearances.

Play as 27-year old non-binary Rin, who’s just started a new position at the secretive company Truer than You, specializing in renting out actors for real life situations. Now, it’s up to you to do your gigs without breaking the company rules or becoming exposed. Sounds easy? Let’s see!

Truer than You is coming to, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Release date to be announced!


Play the demo on

The available demo for Windows is an early access demo, which means it’s not the final product! There are lots of stuff to fix – transitions, animations, polish – you name it. If you play, we’d love to get your feedback so we can make the final product as good as possible! Join our Discord to be part of the conversation:

Mac demo will be available soon! A demo for Linux will also be added further on.


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