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Story: Cometia, a world ruled by eight different nations.

The royal kingdom of Pinkleo.

The magical forest of Greenwood, home of the elves and mages.

The southern tropical seaside corner of Blueon.

The enduring Yellow Valley, home of the hard-working dwarves.

The cold icecap lands of Cyania, home of many humanoid animal-like races.

The peaceful highlands of Mount Orangenesis.

The mysterious northern island of Violeton.

And the adaptable citizens of the island of Redopolis.

However, one unknown nation, known as the Darkstorm Empire, favoured war and chaos being brought throughout the land. Their ruler, Emperor Vladimir, wishes for Cometia to fall into total darkness once all the threats to his armies have been eliminated.

However, there are legends about a team of eight heroes from each nation joining together to fight against the forces of darkness, called the Nova Champions.

Are the legends about these heroes true? If they are, will they stop the Darkstorm Empire’s tyranny?

Go on a quest as the destined heroes to stop the evil Darkstorm Empire from conquering Cometia. Travel the lands, search for treasures, and fight vicious monsters to become stronger. Visit the towns when you need supplies, rest, or craft items from the materials you have gathered.

Let’s meet the chosen Nova Champions themselves.

The main hero of the story. A selfless, yet, naive B-Class student of the Redopolis Academy, but he’s also the childhood friend of Princess Sabrina, daughter of the current ruler of the Pinkleo Kingdom, King Lenard. However, there’s more to Rover that he’s unaware of. In combat, Rover is a jack-of-all-trades, but master to nothing. As a magic knight, he exceeds in both combat and magic, and is the only one who can cast Summons. As Rover himself would say, “he can do anything.”

He may look like a rouge archer from Blueon, but despite his attitude, Brandon has a troubled past. He’s on a quest that only concerns himself. While he has no support skills in combat, Brandon can learn to hit multiple foes at once, or hit them multiple times. He’s quick to the draw, but can’t seem to take a heavy hit.

Cousin to Princess Sabrina. Despite being of royal blood, Petunia chose to become a healer of the Royal Family, thus, inheriting the title of “Lady”. And as a healer, Petunia is all about support. From healing her party’s HP, boosting their defences and magic, and even getting rid of status problems. She can only learn a few Light elemental offensive spells as she grows stronger.

An apprentice mage from Greenwood, under the sorceress Morgan’s teachings. Despite her intelligence, Grace is rather shy and awkward to talk to, but she is willing to help those in need. Her magic is no joke, as her offensive spells can hit hard. Grace specializes in all six of the main elements: Fire, Ice, Thunder, Wind, Water, and Earth.

He was raised by the dwarves of the Yellow Valley when he was a child. When he was a teenager, York moved to Gladiatopia to join Gladiator Games, hoping to become the next champion. Despite his amazing strength, York is currently a greenhorn. And speaking of strength, York’s got muscle when it comes to combat, and said muscle can help him take a hit. But only if those hits were physical, since he cannot resist against magic attacks that well. He may be a heavy-hitter, but York’s also heavy on his legs, so keep in mind that he may move last during a turn.

One of Violeton’s best ninjas of the Orchid Clan, supposedly the right hand of her sensei, Master Mayonaka. Despite her beautiful looks, Violet seems to be cold-hearted towards others that aren’t part of her clan. In battle, Violet is the fastest, can steal items from enemies, and is the only one who can learn Dark and Poison attacks. Despite having a plethora of skills, Violet’s strength and magic are below average, and she definitely cannot afford to take a hit.

As you know, Cyania has multiple humanoid animal-like races. Cyrena here is a half-Felis, part human, and part Felis, the cat race. She’s playful and likes to socialize, but is rather rash with her actions. As part-Felis, Cyrena is quick, but her skills as a brawler made her quick a hard-hitter. She can even hit a foe twice when she attacks. But since Felises are also frail, Cyrena’s defences are quite low, making her a glass cannon when it comes to fighting.

A young Saimiri Wukong  Monk-in-training from Mount Orangenesis. Orion hopes to one day become the strongest warrior of Cometia. In battle, this monkey can hold his own when it comes to fighting, especially when his agility is top-notch. Though the magic abilities he’ll learn may not do much damage to stronger foes unless his magic was strengthened up beforehand.

The world calls for your help, it is your destiny to fight a great evil.

Final game is only available for Windows.


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