I’ve played Volfied a lot in my childhood, and later Gals Panic. I’ve always wanted to make a game like them. The genre was dead and I wanted to be the person that resurrects it in a modernized implementation without disrespecting the original soul of the genre.  We now want to announce the release of Mokoko X on itch.io.

The gameplay is basically conquering the bigger portion of the map by drawing lines and avoiding the enemies.  There are 8 girls in 32 levels consisting 24 bosses and their minions with all different mechanics. We wrote absurd stories both for each of the girls and each of the bosses. which are dubbed in Japanese and English, also subbed in 11 languages. I wanted it to be worthy of its ancestors and I hope you find it worthy as well.

So, here is the page with 33% discount for the release.

And the trailer:

Source: itch.io

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