Why did you choose to put your game on mobile platforms, as an indie?

Chris Dawson: I think the reason why we target mobile, first and foremost, is because it’s where we have all of our expertise and background over the past 15 years. Back then, the team was very small, it was very hard to get a game to market, and we couldn’t compete on consoles. We went into mobile and saw a big upside, especially when it exploded with the release of the iPhone and the App Store, where you could independently get games to market much more easily.

We continue to ship on mobile because of the massive user base and worldwide popularity, the easy access to market, and the great support that you get as an indie developer from mobile stores interested in seeing new content.

In recent years, it’s become harder to get noticed with the advent of hyper-casual games, the need to have marketing strategies, and increased spending on user acquisition. However, there’s still massive potential for a small company to break through.

Kalle Jyly: I’ve been making mobile games since 2004, so it’s where most of my knowledge is. I have also done PC and console games and they have been good experiences, but at the same time, it was more difficult to ramp up a gaming studio and start shipping those titles. So mobile made more sense for us right from the start, as it was more accessible. While I see the benefit of launching on PC or consoles, it’s really important to have a laser focus and pick your battles on where to allocate your energy, which, for us, is mobile.

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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