There is no game-over
and nothing to kill but endless secrets
will be revealed.

Welcome to “O’Psy Town”,
where the common sense denies and blathering Psychotrons
will give you rhymes …

“The Amazing Universe of Psychotrons!” is an adventure point&click + drag&drop with  weird dialogues super surreal characters speaking in rapped rhymes.

the very first quest of the game…
the password is: kikiwasright

just the firsts 10 quests don’t forget to download the manual in pdf … 
It works but it is not for smartphones… the dialogues are no readable and it’s midnight game to be played with a booze and other funny things, no stress, no score, no hurry … a smooth route in the weirdest root.

Komplex Member, Mariano Equizzi

PS cit,… try before you deny …
ps if you want to surf in our whirling worlds….


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