*** Raffle on Twitter Only! ***

To celebrite my introduction to the twitter world I am hosting a raffle contest of my assets. This includes vouchers in Itch.io to each of my paid assets. Winner will get free vouchers to these assets; Pixel Skies, Pixel Town, Mountains, Mountain Range and Withering Away Font (total worth $19,68) 

Winner will be chosen with randomiser. You can only use your personal twitter account to participate, so maxium 2 tickets each person. The raffle starts now & ends by 9/23/2022 at 10pm.

You can enter the contest by liking / retweeting THIS TWEET

Sorry that this raffle is only on twitter this time! You can’t enter the raffle by liking this post on itch, you have to like the original post on twitter to enter.

Source: itch.io