Try out the alpha for my game!:

Think tetris attack(panel de pon) + wario’s woods  + Platforming 

It’s wario’s woods bc you control puzzle blocks placement with character movement, and how certain blocks have different properties

It’s tetris attack because of the potential for combos, emphasis on speed and quick decisions in a pressure scenario, and there is a puzzle reticle, and puzzle pieces are how you access most of your abilities etc. Enemeies are also inside some blocks and you need to jump on their heads or throw boomerangs at them to stay alive.

Right now you can only do single player – marathon but other modes are in the works and listed, just not selectable.

I’ve had some good feedback so far from people I know, now i need strangers feedback.

Two years from now I hope to sell it for about 20 bucks. It’s not there yet. In a year I think it would be worth about 12 bucks. Thoughts?


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