Let’s play hide-and-seek with serial killers.

Jawbreaker is a psychological horror game that will have you running, hiding, and fighting to survive a terrifying gang-infested society on the verge of collapse. Though that’s not all, once the sun goes down the true fear will begin…

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My latest game called “Jawbreaker” will dive deep into psychological horror and include features like stealth, puzzles, and combat. Despite the Steam and IndieDB pages being just launched, the game is already deep in development and has been worked on since the completion of my last game “Witching Hour”.

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The Story

In this anarchistic city there’s one rule everyone must follow: Hide before sundown. Though supplies are running low in your shelter, so you venture into the fray to hunt for something to bring back. During this search an untouched police station catches your eye, an unusual sight in a heavily looted neighbourhood. You take the risk and break-in through an unsecured door, shortly after dread begins to set in as you realise who has taken refuge in this station, and why no other scavengers dare to enter it.

Survive At All Costs

  • Run, hide, or kill those in your way to stay breathing
  • The “Faceless Gang” will hunt you in teams or on their own
  • Push through the station while scavenging for supplies and a way to escape
  • Once the sun goes down the real danger begins…


  • Deep exploration into a dystopian vision of the United States
  • Hide under tables, in lockers, between shelves, or shadows to stay unseen
  • Search for weapons to defend yourself, though gunshots draw attention…
  • An interactive environment encourages looting for supplies
  • Multiple endings prove if you are a true survivor or not

Jawbreaker screenshot04

Jawbreaker screenshot05

Stay tuned for more updates, screenshots, and videos coming soon! If you like what you see so far I’d greatly appreciate you wishlisting the game on Steam and following my Twitter @VincentLade

All the best,

Vincent L

Source: Indie DB

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