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Our Adult Visual Novel “Secrets of The Valley: Chapter 3” is now available for Itch.io.

You can find more info and images in the game page!

This is the story set to unfold in Secrets of the ValleyLeaving home for what may be the last time, a young man chased by a checkered history moves in with his father’s associate, in a community simply known as The Valley.  In Secrets of the Valley, you’ll have the chance to guide the path of our tale’s hero. You’ll become involved in the wealthy community in which he’s settled, exploring interesting locations and meeting compelling characters along the way. You’ll learn secrets about these places and people that you can choose to keep in confidence or use for your own benefit. And once you’ve done all this, it will be your choices that will determine the way in which you’ll satiate your curiosity about those characters you find most interesting and satisfy your deepest desires.

The release dates for SoTV v0.3 are: 

  • Patreon tier $12+ : Friday, Aug 05
  • Patreon tier $5 : Wednesday, Aug 10
  • Patreon tier $3 : Sunday, Aug 14
  •  Itch.io : Friday, Sep 02

“Seeking to understand a little more about what is happening in the Valley, you’ll get a brief trip into the past, bringing a deeper look at our Main Character and Claire.”

This chapter contains:

  • + 6 animations
  • + 175 images
  • + 3966 words



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