Playdate Community Bundle by Vogelscript and 13 others – itch.ioA bunch of us got together on the Playdate Squad Discord to offer a bundle of 13 great games on the Playdate! These can be played on hardware or on PC/Mac via the simulator in the free SDK from Panic. 

The goal is to increase the awareness of the sideload market, particularly here on We were looking to show that there is much more (260+ games and apps and growing) available for the Playdate past the season it comes with. So far the bundle has been a Huge Success for us, but the point is to get as many eyes on it as possible so take a look! 

My game in the bundle is ART7 and I love that so many new people are now able to check out the gallery!

ART7 1-bit Gallery by Ledbetter (


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