Hello, I was thinking what it would be like to manage something which is not possible yet in real life. There are many space games, ship builders with battles, someone needs to manage and control all these decisions. I decided that person should be you! 

If you can not keep the economy stable while progressing with upgrades, ships, research and more, you will be replaced!

Current Project Status – FREE Pre-alpha Play Test 2

The current status of Starbase Manager is a pre-alpha play test, which means you’ll get an in-development pre-alpha build. Expect the experience to be glitchy and incomplete in many areas, with a large amount of placeholder art, very limited content and unbalanced. Information on future updates may be released depending on feedback.

All Pre-Alpha Play Test versions will be FREE – https://jakehallgames.itch.io/starbase-manager!

Please click the link above to view all areas you are currently able to manage in the most recent version.

Community Feedback – Discussion Board

Please post your feedback, thoughts, any potential future content ideas and bug reports in the Discussion Board to help progress the game further.

Development Logs

Check out the Development Logs to keep you up to date on the New Features, Updates and Bug Fixes.

Pre-alpha Play-Test 2 Images:

Source: itch.io

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