Trans Girls Rule the World!

A game about trans friendship, dating while closeted, and weeaboos.

Miya, a closeted trans girl,  struggles to find her way through her freshman year of college. Does she date the co-ed she has the hots for, but who could turn on her at any time? Does she join the anime club, despite (or maybe because of) the bizarre-but-also-hot club president? And most importantly, can she find somebody to tell her secret to? Hijinks and Big Gender Feels abound.

This 2-3 hour story is a kinetic novel, so there are no branching paths. Instead, just relax and enjoy one single story told using words, sounds, and images.

Character art by the wonderful Maika! (

This game is available for free – the pay what you want option is there just in case you want to support the developer for being bad at Yu-Gi-Oh! :p

Plus, you get to date the moon!


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