(Windows and Linux) Download here: https://reygamedev.itch.io/going-home

Going Home is a 3D First-Person Horror game where you were going home after getting off from the bus and walk down through an alley. But something or someone is following you from behind. Get inside the apartment before it gets you!


It’s just a simple horror game where you will be followed by someone or something behind you, it will stop when you look at it. Use that advantage to get away from it. Just be careful not to look at it for too long or you will have a static vision (Slenderman style right here 🙂 ). And it will be move if you don’t look at it anymore.

Your objective is simple, you just need to get inside your apartment to finish the game 🙂

I made this in 7 days for Brackeys Game Jam 2022.2

And that’s it a simple preview of my horror game! Hope you like it 🙂 

Don’t hesitate to leave a feedback! Every feedback is appreciated!

Don’t leave a hate comment 🙁 It’s just won’t help me to fix/improve the game 🙂

(Windows and Linux) Download here: https://reygamedev.itch.io/going-home

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