GOSH GOLLY WOW, IT’S ME AGAIN. That’s because the next arc of my big giant horror VN that in no way will viscerally affect you has been released! ARC 4! OMG. Don’t play it; you’ll cry.

As a refresher, Our Wonderland is a super cool and not-traumatizing horror visual novel that follows a group of five childhood friends as they return to the wish-fulfilling Wonderland of their youth. The first arc was released last December, the second arc was released last February, the third arc was released in May, and now the fourth arc is ready to TOSS YOU INTO A MEAT GRINDER OF PAIN. In this arc, resident ace bean Iggy reaches out to his good friend Gidget before traipsing into Wonderland for some fun times with his friends. Will he finally be able to break out of the cycle? OR WILL THINGS JUST GET MUCH WORSE?? (I think you know the answer…) At any rate, this arc definitely doesn’t involve anything horrible such as horrific mutilation or threatening with large knives—and, of course, there is absolutely ZERO cannibalism. (There’s definitely cannibalism…) But there is apparently a hot new character who has already somehow stolen the hearts of many.

Let’s see what this grandiose extravaganza has in store!

  • 4 to 5 more hours of gameplay! (around 45k new words—the longest arc yet!)(bringing the total up to around 183k)
  • A brand-new complete story with ending!
  • 53 new CGs!!!!
  • A new cinematic ending sequence!
  • An 8k word finale that’s a slip-and-slide straight into the deepest bowels of hell!

You can download the game  (with all four arcs currently available so far) here: https://carrotpatchgames.itch.io/our-wonderland

And for all the scoop on Arc 4 itself with some more details and insider HOT TIPS, you can check out the Literary Work of Art that is this release devlog: https://carrotpatchgames.itch.io/our-wonderland/devlog/420721/our-wonderland-arc…

Oh yeah and here’s some screenshots!

Source: itch.io

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