The Lone Sword is an online 1 vs 1 dual game set in a paint-looking world. The player starts in a room waiting to be challenged by others. The player can attack, dodge, roll, parry, or jump. This project is a jam game for Brackey’s Jam, the goal was to create a performant game that is unique in art style. I really wish this game gets played by many people :D.

All in-game scenes are rendered in 3D, using a unique shader that draws on elements of a toon shader. The materials mostly had no base color inputs except a normal map.

The VFX used unity’s built-in VFX graph together with some cool textures that I created using photoshop. The slash effect was a blend of blit effect and tweaks in individual shaders.

All the meshes were modeled from scratch in Blender and baked using substance painter.

The networking uses unity’s free PUN2 system, which has a 20 CCU(concurrent user) limit.

Game Page: Click Here


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