Have you ever wanted to date an exciting cast of monster hunters who definitely won’t hurt you or anything? Do you love dating completely sane little guys who are super innocent and friendly? Do you love winning the heart of strangers who have nothing to do with you? Well, do I have the game for you! 

It’s not this one, though. 

Step into a world of unknowns and hazy black splotches in memory as our unfortunate protagonist, Riley, tries to understand why they have been thrown into the world of monster hunting and obsessive infatuation… during a fun game of truth or dare! What is this mysterious debt that they’re being forced to pay? Is it just me, or does everyone here seem to be… weirdly into Riley?  Can you save Riley from their fated ending? 

This is a completed demo of the real game, Monster Hunter’s Love, and is intended to tease the story. While finishing this game will solve the main conflict of the story, it does not shine light onto the truth… the full game is in development ! šŸ™‚ 


Source: itch.io

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