Hello. I recently published my game, Slaying Grove. It is my first game EVER (well, not really, I made a 2D game before this but you were only able to walk on a blank map). Anyway…my first PROPER game, I worked on it for about a week so please, don’t be too harsh on me 🙂

A quick summary:

  You wake up in a weird forest, just to find out there are creatures wanting to kill you…BUT what is that? A paramedic helicopter, finally you can be saved. You need to arrive at the helicopter’s location before it arrives (you have 10 minutes) but there are some “obstacoles” in the way…like finding your way through the forest and more (I don’t wanna spoil).

The game is short but I have tried to make it fun! Expect something as the “final stage” of the game!

Here it is some footage of it:

I am really curious to hear your opinions, this is the page’s link! ( https://keyrif.itch.io/slayinggrove )

Source: itch.io

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