What are your favorite things about Unity?

My favorite thing about Unity is that our tools enable creators to realize their dreams. I wanted to work in game development for years, but then I realized that I much prefer a helping role. Unity lets me help all sorts of people make games and other projects that I never would have known about before working here.

The Unity value I connect with most is Go Bold. I don’t think of it as chasing the biggest, flashiest idea; to me, it’s about how Unity feels like a place where you can boldly be yourself and call out things you don’t agree with. It’s a quality I appreciate in my colleagues, and I’m hoping to build up my own courage to Go Bold.

Can you share a piece of career advice for others in the industry?

Surround yourself with people who respect and value you, and don’t stay anywhere you aren’t treated well. A career won’t love you back.

Source: Unity Technologies Blog