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In this Dev Log, we will show the first image of our world map in the game and we will start the sequence of articles that will explain more about the map and its relationship with the game. There will be 4 topics covered in the coming weeks: Locations, Terrains, Kingdoms, The Wasteland and the Troops that move around the map.

What is the purpose of the world map?
When thinking about game design, we got a lot of inspiration from games like Battle Brothers and Mount and Blade: Warband. Both games have two interconnected systems: a combat part and a strategic part. The concept of Angon maintains the same line, where the player imagines his own actions and plans the best way to execute them, either in the long term or immediately.


The main objective of the world map is to place the player in the time and space in which the game will take place, in addition to serving as a great source of immersion with the surrounding world, through events, encounters, battles, trade and journeys that take place on land and sea. It not only determines your course, but also presents the challenges of living in a world in decay, which is represented in a beautiful 2D graphic. Quests, contracts, battles and decisions can permanently alter the world. For example, if you take part in a civil war, you can unbalance one side and favor a specific group, triggering new rulers, laws and contracts in the region. It could also be that a region is being devastated by a creature, which reduces production and generates a shortage of food and resources, and can even lead to its destruction, making it less of a point of trade and recruitment for you.


However, the strategic part is not just a filler for combat. It is a fundamental part of your company’s development, offering enough depth for you to engage with the context of the world, stimulating the development of strategies and ways to survive in the midst of chaos. In the coming weeks we will talk more about the elements that make up the world map and its interaction with the player.

See you soon!

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