The videogame consists of a virus which must infect cells, fight against antibodies, destroy white blood cells…. It is quite fun because you have to take into account the behavior of each enemy, the mechanics of each puzzle, etc… At the moment, there are 3 types of puzzles: pulmonary, in which the virus must explore, fight against antibodies, destroy white blood cells, overcome obstacles, etc; cellular, in which the virus, playing with inertia and jumping, must reach the nucleus to be able to replicate after performing a kind of ‘parkour’; and finally the nuclear puzzle, which is a kind of maze in which you must reach the chromatin without hitting the walls. There are different types of enemies and there is a boss at level 7. 

Infection X is currently a free Demo version, but donations are welcome. 

For now, it is available for PC, but we will soon release it for Android. download link: 



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