Hardwork Simulator is the perfect game for you to play at work, on the university computer, or any other time you just want to have fun playing a game while everyone around you thinks you are working as hard as hell.

Now that Play and Rate is over, I’m releasing it with the feedbacks I received during LudumDare.

Here are the updates from the LD Compo entry and this release:

  • Boss fight! Against a bigger and stronger sitckman
  • View at the bottom of the document, relevant information about the player’s progress
  • Now the sitckmen are killed (not just knocked out temporarily). It was pretty pointless to attack the stickmen in the original version
  • Added a command for the player to choose to increase or decrease typing speed. The feedback was very recurrent that when restarting the game, the start could be very slow.
  • Now you can hold SPACE and BACKSPACE!


Source: itch.io

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