Damocles Gaze is a radical roguelite twin-stick shooter where every run always takes 12 minutes!

12 minutes to gaze into your soul and go as deep as you can into its landscape – Just how far will you go? What will you find?

It features:
⌛ go as far as you can into the game in only 12 minutes
🎮 tight roguelite shooter gameplay
💀 death is merely a setback
🃏 22 unique modifiers to choose wisely
🔒 meta-progression with unlockable and start-ready modifiers
🗻 5 unique zones
👹 4 unique bosses
🎲 randomized gameplay for unique runs
🎶 soundtrack by the incredible Pentadrangle
☕ the perfect action-game for your coffee-breaks

Buy it here on Itch io or get it with our PUNKCAKE Subscription for just 3€!


Source: itch.io

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