The world is better with more creators in it, and our new content series, Accelerate Success, is our way of showcasing the technical experience of our Accelerate Solutions Games team.  This team is our professional services group that’s responsible for consulting, co-development, and full development with our customers. They often take on some of the most complex and challenging Unity work where our customers are pushing the boundaries of what Unity can do.

This series, made up of technical eBooks and webinars, is our way of giving back to the greater gaming community that has helped build Unity. The Accelerate Success series will strive to showcase pragmatic and methodological tips and best practices gathered from our experiences working with top studios from around the world. Each piece from the Accelerate Success content series is curated and written by a different Software Development Consultant from our Accelerate Solutions team, and is based on real-life scenarios and findings. 

This blog post series was written by one of our leads on the Accelerate Solutions – Games team, Bertrand Guay-Paquet. Bertrand is based in Unity’s Stockholm office and the findings in this post series come from findings during his Projects Reviews that he has carried out for the team. 

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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