For those who don’t know, this bootcamp was our most ambitious course yet. Created in partnership with Escape Studios, Summer of Unreal was designed to take working European animators, educators, and CG artists through the high points of Unreal Engine’s real-time animation workflows, so they could kickstart a new phase of their career or coursework. The skill sets were deep, but they had to be, since the final project was an Unreal Engine-rendered cinematic.

Over four weeks, 1,000 students from across Europe covered pre-visualisation, layout, rigging, animation, modelling, lighting, importing characters and rendering, learning from expert teachers/lecturers who worked on Batman vs Superman, Doctor Strange and Thor: Ragnarok. Blue Zoo and Framestore even got in the mix!

But the real stars were the students. Techno kitties, Dali-esque elephants, rock surfing—just one look at this sizzle reel is enough to see that this group wasn’t playing around. They came to be creative and it shows.

Source: Unreal Engine Blog

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