During this pre-production stage on Stowaway, a team from Unity (back then the outfit was known as Digital Monarch Media, or DMM, which was acquired by the game engine maker in late 2018) visited RISE FX to work with the filmmakers on the previs. They brought with them their virtual camera (V-cam) unit known then as Expozure VFT. The idea was that the controller of the V-cam could see the scene on a tablet-like screen, as well as on a bigger external screen, and use the bespoke unit to “operate” a virtual camera, which was tracked in space, to come up with the necessary angles, camera moves and storytelling points for the spacewalk.

This Unity game engine workflow, of course, meant that previsualization could all be done in real-time, with instant feedback, enabling numerous iterations. Ultimately, various “takes” could be recorded and edited together to form a previs’d sequence, which served as the template for the final shoot and final visual effects.


Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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